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Thursday 21st of March 2019

How to arrive
In Oviedo's heart

Congress Hall-Auditorium “Príncipe Felipe” is located in Oviedo's heart. The accesses by walking streets and by the Gesta square have it develops it that they turn his surroundings a perfectly communicated with hotels, commercial zones, restaurants,…

An inportant aspect to do more accessible this site, is the number of parking seats that exist in their proximities. The Congress Hall-Auditorium “Príncipe Felipe” has on an ample supply of parking at less than 100 meters. Public parking garage of “San Miguel”, “Llamaquique” and “Auditorio” or the new public parking garage built in Gesta square down ground. All these parkings have reserved seats for people with reduced mobility.


Congress Hall-Auditorium without architectonic barriers

Congress Hall-Auditorium “Príncipe Felipe” was designed like a building without architectonic barriers, its accesses with ample doors, six public elevators and their inclines equip to him with total accessibility, security and mobility by all their facilities.
The congress hall also has wheelchair to take care of any necessity of mobility that can arise in its dependencies.

Elevators, inclines, baths adapted for people with disabilities or doors with on the specific width to facilitate the access of the wheelchairs, are the necessary elements so that any building is going to be accessible. The Congress Hall-Auditorium was created with this architectonic vocation, the one of being a free space of barriers, that did of all and each one of its stays spaces without obstacles, despite the building counts on some places, like the ticket offices, in that the people with mobility difficulties find limited the access. In the process of continuous update and improvement of their facilities, the congress hall and the own Oviedo’s City council, demonstrating the sensitivity towards these subjects, has already reserved budget to review these places and to undertake the necessary performances that they allow to also turn the building an accessible place not only for people with mobility much more reduced too for people with another type of disabilities.